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30 Nov 2018

Spiritualism: There Is A Life After Death

Spiritualism is an ancient form of divination, which is based on the belief that the dead survive as spirits and can communicate with the living through some learned or gifted individuals, known as the mediums.

For some, Spiritualism is a religion; some consider it a science, whilst others regard it as a philosophy in order to understand their physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual being through it. For psychics, spiritualism is a practice that is used to take guidance from the dead, on moral and ethical issues.

According to one form of spiritualism, when our loved ones pass, they continue to exist in an afterlife and continue to care for us. However, not everyone can sense their presence. And this is where the role of a medium becomes extremely valuable. Mediums can help communicate with loved ones that have passed over, and in doing so they can provide information from them to their loved ones during a reading. Such information can include any facet of life that the passed one feels their loved one needs whether it is to do with their physical, spiritual or emotional wellbeing.


The practice of Spiritualism has its roots deep seated in the ancient times, when the belongings of the deceased persons were kept inside their tomb, considering that they might need them during their afterlife.

The support for Spiritualism can also be found in the Bible, as it states that Jesus developed his psychic abilities and was a supreme master of spiritual law. It is also recorded that Jesus appeared eleven times after his death upon the cross, demonstrating the ancient spiritualism and his survival after the death.

Following that on further, the modern Spiritualist movement started in 1848, in Hydesville, New York, when two sisters in the Fox family experienced the vibrations and energies of the spirit world. They sensed the presence of spirits in their house, in the form of rationally unexplainable rappings.

How it Works

Being able to communicate with the spirit world is not a skill that comes easily. You would have to practice a lot or meditate and there would still be no guarantee of it working. A better option would be to seek the help of a medium who is experienced in communicating with loved ones that have passed over. They would be able to interpret any messages much more accurately compared to someone who is a novice at it.

Communication with the dead can be done in various forms. Some spiritualists or psychics prefer to perform it in alone, with the subject only, whilst others prefer to sit in a group of people, allowing the spirit to relay their messages. Some mediums do not speak directly to discarnate humans; rather they have angels or spirits of their own, whom they ask communicate with the dead, and bring messages in return.

Another form of communicating with the dead comes in the form of automatic writing. This involves mediums sitting down with a pen and paper in their hand and receiving messages from spirits through their hand which they write or draw on a piece of paper during their sitting. Spiritualism can also help people find out about their past life, reincarnation or life after death.

Spiritual Healing

The concept of Spiritualism is also known for healing people, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. If a person is finding it hard to overcome the loss of their dear one, he/she can see a medium for some spiritual healing which will make dealing with the loss much easier. Spiritualism also enables one to achieve a state of self realization, divinity and fulfillment.

It is also believed that spiritualism or mediumship can help to channel appropriate energies into the body to cure any malfunction in the human body caused by the imbalance of energies.