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25 Jan 2019

Rune Readings: Decipher The Mystery Of Your Life!

A Rune reading is a relatively old form of divination that is used to get an insight into one’s present, past and future. Though the ancient practice of runes is associated with magic spells, curses and witchcrafts, the modern technique is just like that of Tarot Card Readings.

The predictions in the Runes come from using ancient German alphabets, known as the ‘Futhark’. The ‘Futhark’ runes are one of the most popular types of runes and are ancient characters that were used for inscriptions in the ancient times. Other popular runes include the Cross, Norn, Single, Fork and Diamond runes. In order for a Rune reading to be most effective, they should be read by someone who understands their meanings correctly.


Even though the exact origin of Rune readings is unknown, it is believed to have been introduced in the 4th century in Northern Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia and Iceland. It is also believed that they were used by northern European tribes, the Celts, and the Vikings to create spells that were aimed at taking control of others’ lives.

Though the practice was banned and its usage restricted in the Christian era, rune readings have seen a revival in modern times and gained back the popularity they once had. The only difference is that today the runes are used as a method of divination, instead of as a tool to cast spells.

How it Works

Like other forms of divination, Rune readings are associated with the subconscious mind. They are about interpreting the symbols that are selected, and expanding on their meaning through insight and meditation. In most cases, only an experienced rune reader or psychic medium can interpret the runes in sufficient depth, to give the reader the level of information they need to make the right decisions. Each rune has esoteric meaning and properties associated with it.

Different psychics read runes in different ways according to their own preference. There is no right or wrong way. Some psychics make use of cards, hexagrams or rune stones; others simply use the ‘Futhark’ to complete an effective reading. When runes are read the readings start with the rune pouch. A rune pouch is believed to symbolize the entire universe, and as the subject poses a question, the rune caster’s conscious and unconscious mind is focused towards that one question. The runes are then pulled from the pouch one by one. As they are selected, they are placed on a table and divided into groups of eight. The subject then selects one group of eight out of the two, depending on which rune lot is chosen by his subconscious mind.

Once the rune lot has been selected, the psychic or rune caster, using the symbols as a guide, interprets the meaning of the symbols for the subject. If a specific question has been asked by the subject, the psychic will interpret the runes in light of that question thereby helping the subject find the solution to the issue they are facing.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Ask one question at a time – If you ask multiple questions, there is possibility that you won’t get answers to all of them.

Form your question carefully – Take your time to craft the question that you want to ask, because if you go on to change it midway through reading, it can affect the outcome.

Keep a gap of at least two days between readings, as there may be a chance that you won’t get accurate readings if you do different readings so close together.

Don’t ask the same question again and again- If a rune reading is obscure, it means either your question is not properly formed, or you’re better off not knowing the answer.

Don’t ask a question that can be answered as a “Yes” or “No”. Try to ask an open question rather than a closed question.