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08 Mar 2019

Precognition: It’s All about The Future!

Precognition is the ability of a person to sense things, events or situations in advance, i.e. before they actually occur. It’s a type of extra sensory perception that links a person’s present with the future, and warns over the things that may cause harm to either the person alone or mankind as a whole in the near future.

The term “Precognition” collectively describes more than one type of foretelling, most commonly the “Presentiment and Premonition”, which refers to information about future events that are perceived as emotion. For instance, if an individual receives impressions of being in fear in the near future, that may point out towards physical injury in some manner. Similarly, if someone gets impressions of joy, it means some good news is probably on the cards.

Precognition is the most natural psychic means to acquire information that is beyond the normally acquired sense- based data or laws of nature. However, at the same time, one need to know that the prediction made through precognition only comes true if there isn’t occur any change in the current set of factors surrounding the event, person or situation.


The idea of knowing future events is as old as mankind itself. The history of precognition has been recognized since the ancient times when diviners were sought by Kings and commoners for their ability to look into the future. Many ancient cultures, including the Greeks, Romans, and prehistoric Chinese have a recorded history of Precognition. However, the term became popular in 1927, when J.W. Dunne, a British engineer explored his ability to foresee future in dreams and published a book named “An Experiment with time”. In this book, he mentioned his findings on precognition and retrocognition.

How it works

Precognition works on the principle of dream interpretation. Even though there are people who claim to see impending events while they are awake or in the consciousness of their mind, Precognition is believed to provide accurate information usually when done through the subconscious mind.

The key to precognition can be better described in the form of frequency theory. It’s believed that if a person senses something like an approaching catastrophe; let it be an earthquake, Tsunami or Volcano eruption; that means he/she has the power to tune into the frequency of the nature. For instance, prior to an earthquake, the earth plates creates a frequency which can be detected by human brain in certain special cases. And, the special ones, who sense it, predict about the approaching event.

Furthermore, if a woman has a dream that she is pregnant and few weeks later discovers that she is pregnant in real life, it means that her subconscious mind gave her subtle signals about her biological process.

The phenomenon occurs in our sleep, when our subconscious mind is free from the clutter of the active mind. It therefore harnesses the intuitive and emotional portions of the brain which can tune in to other frequencies. Although we all are able to sense future events by tapping into our intuitiveness, there are very few who achieve success in actuating their sixth sense and kundalini energies.

How can you test your precognition?

Those who are born with strong precognitive ability are more likely to be aware of its working and accuracy. However, those, who are not that efficient in it, must pay attention to their visions and try to interpret the signs.

As a beginner, you might find it difficult to correlate your dreams or visions with future events, but as you keep on practicing it, there is a chance that you may end up being a psychic.

  1. The following tips might help you in achieving your goal and in trying to become precognitive:
  2. Keep a journal of your dreams and record all the vivid dreams that you may have
  3. Pay attentions to your feelings and emotions as you go into the depth of your dreams
  4. Start making predictions and test your work against reality
  5. Get in touch with a psychic and take consultation over the meaning of your dreams. Then, test their predictions whether that matches with yours or not.
  6. Keep on testing your precognition until you get an exact idea of what you are capable of seeing.