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22 Mar 2019

Numerology: Numbers Speaks for your Personality, Desires and Future

Numerology is one of the leading practices that psychic readers use to read the futures of their clients. This process follows the study of the significance of numbers in human life, and their impact on human decisions.

According to numerology, nothing on this planet occurs without numbers. Consequently, every number comprises a mystical property of its own and the entire universe is dependent on their inherent vibrations.

Following this on further, your appearance, looks, behavior, growth and the opportunities you will get during your life are all dependent upon the electronically coded information that is fixed in your genes in the form of numbers.

Just by using your birth name and birth date, numerology can give you invaluable information about your personality, inner strength, talents, likes-dislikes, health, career, future prospects and obstacles that you will need to overcome.

It can help you find out more about who you really are, what your ‘karma’ is, and what things you can achieve in your life. In addition, it can also provide you with solutions to your problems and sufferings.


The roots of Numerology can be traced back to the ancient times in 569 BC, when a Greek mathematician, named Pythagoras developed many of the basic theorems, which make the foundations for modern mathematics.

Through his studies and calculations, he was able to forecast accurate results about the happenings of universe which were later found out to be true and factual. Since then the practice on Numerology progresses and has achieved its pinnacle in modern times.

The support for Numerology can also be found in other faiths such as Hindu mythology. In Hindu mythology, it’s believed that a human soul travels through the ‘chakra’ of re-births again and again, entailing with it some debt or ‘karma’ that it has to pay back in the next life it lives. The belief is that the moment a person is born; he is governed by one out of the nine planets in our galaxy. Each of these nine planets is allotted a number of its own, which in conjunction with the numbers of secondary planets, influences the life of the person, born under the effect of its mystical vibrations.

Types of Numerology

There are three types of Numerology systems:

1. Pythagorean

2. Chinese

3. Kabbala

Of these, the most widely used system is the Pythagorean, which is used to create complex charts, and perform numerical divination, in order to predict the future of a person.

How does it work?

In Numerology, calculations are start with your birth date and cosmic (birth) name. The experts or the numerologists carry out a multitude of combinations on these two entities, by assigning number to the letters of your name, and then by combining it with your birth date.

With their calculation, they derive a single digit key number, which is used to help determine your personal characteristics.

The vowels in your name tell about your innermost desires, while the consonants reflect your personality. Your entire name therefore tells the numerologist much about your talent and creativity.

Here’s a basic example to show you how Numerological calculations are done. In this example, you will see that the numbers from 0 to 9 are reduced to one number, except for the numbers 11 and 22 which are kept as 11 and 22 only.

For instance, John Smith is born on 12.01.1985. Now, in order to derive his single digit number or the Life path number, we will carry out a basic calculation.



What we have done here is just added all the numbers, to get a single digit. As you must have noticed here that on adding all the digits of John’s birth date, we fetched a two digit number that we reduced to a single digit, by again adding the derived digits. This way, birthday number of John is number 9.

In the same way, you can find out one’s motivation number, by adding the numbers, which alphabets of their Birth name signify.

Following chart is followed to carry out the calculations:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




A-J-S =1, B-K-T =2, C-L-U =3, D-M-V =4, E-N-W =5, F-O-X =6, G-P-Y =7, H-Q-Z =8 I-R =9

What do these numbers signify?

1: Independence, Pioneering, Leadership

2: Balance, Harmony, Co-operation

3: Enthusiasm, Liveliness, Creativity

4: Systematic, Sophisticated, down-to-Earth

5: Constructive, Progressive, Innovative

6: Serving, Responsible, Loving

7: Intelligent, Understanding

8: Accomplishment, success, ambitions

9: Compassion, Selflessness

11: Intuitive, Metaphysical, religious

22: Latent Power, Spiritual Understanding