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31 Dec 2018

Mediumship: Connect To The Afterlife World!

Mediumship is a term associated with a person’s ability to experience contact with the dead, immortals, angels, guides or other immaterial entities. It is a form of divination, which is also known by the name ‘Channeling’, and is a practice that is very common nowadays.

People, who have dear ones that have passed on, are more likely to use the services of a medium as they may want to know whether the passed ones are well, or to hear that they are still around and watching over them, and to receive any messages they wish to pass on to from the spirit world.

Mediumship is not a skill that can be learnt or taught. It is a gift that is inherited at birth and then developed over the course of the medium’s life. It is an ability that needs to be exercised with caution because communicating between the spirit world and the physical world can be extremely draining on the energy and wellbeing of the medium.


Attempts to form a link between ‘this world’ and the ‘spirit world’ have been documented back to ancient times. However, the practice became more popular in the early 90’s, when the religious movement of Spiritualism established its roots in the United States and United Kingdom.

How it Works

During a mediumship session, the psychic or medium uses of their subconscious mind, in some places referred to as their third eye, to connect to the spirit world. Sometimes the medium will use an item that belongs to the spirit they are trying to communicate with in order to establish a strong connection. Once they have connected with the spirit, the spirit will pass them messages that they want the person being read to hear. It’s the medium’s role to accurately interpret what the spirit is showing them. This may mean seeing what is being shown to them, hearing what is being said to them or sensing the same. These sessions are also known as séance and the medium is said to enter a trance during which they are able to see, hear or sense the spirits around.

Instead of directly connecting with spirits, many mediums involve their own angels or guides, to communicate with the spirit they wish to deal with. Others allow the spirit that they wish to communicate with to take control of their body and talk, share or convey messages through it. All these methods can be extremely demanding on the medium’s energy.

Some mediums can even witness the presence of the spirits, using their normal senses only, which are no different than other humans.

Many people who wish to see mediums to communicate with loved ones that have passed find being able to communicate with them as extremely healing. Such communication can be used to confirm that the loved one is well, and where they were suffering in the physical world, that they are no longer suffering.

Mediumship can be classified into two different types. These are:

Mental Mediumship: This involves the relaying of information via thoughts, either using any of the five senses that humans are blessed with or using the sixth sense, i.e. the third eye chakra. The communication, whether through the third eye or normal senses, is something that only the medium will experience; it cannot be witnessed by the subject. Mental medium ship can be further divided into three types, which are:


Physical Mediumship: In physical mediumship, a medium allows a spirit to take control of their body, and channel messages through it. In this type of mediumship, everyone present is able to witness the proceedings and presence of the spirit.