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01 Jul 2019

Magic Spells: Change The Way You Live!

A Magic Spell is a paranormal or metaphysical practice that is performed in an altered state of consciousness to bring about a desired change in one’s life. Magic spells have been around for decades and are used by people of various cultures in order to achieve desired results.

It is believed that the results derived from magic spells are short-lived, and if performed with evil intentions or to harm others it can land the subject in major trouble. Still, the practice is very popular among people, perhaps because it is believed that the practice offers instant results!

Magic spells have always been viewed with suspicion by mankind, which is why they are performed in isolation and secrecy, in the presence of the subject only. Even though each one of us can learn the art of casting spells and can practice them at our own level, it is always good to consult someone who has proper knowledge of the occult science and energies at work in the universe. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Of various kinds of spells used all over the world, the most common are Black magic, gray magic and white magic spells. Black magic is associated with practices like witchcraft, voodoo and Wicca spells, whereas white magic involves spells that are only aimed at healing people spiritually and are for the well being of all. However, Gray magic is a form of white magic turned black, which is seen very rarely.


The roots of magic spells date back to ancient times, prior to Christianity, Judaism, and recorded history. All ancient cultures had applied magic in their early belief systems, as a way to fulfill their inner desires and to live hard-to-fetch dreams.

Even though there is no hard evidence to support the exact origin of the practice, vestiges of prehistoric caves and paintings on the walls suggest that the early man had used the magic rituals as a part of religious practices. It is also believed that the magic spells were passed to us by our ancestors in the form of oral teachings and monographs.

How it Works

A Magic spell begins with the analysis of universal energies, which determines when it would be the right time to cast a spell. Depending upon what type of spell a subject chooses to cast, the practitioner finalizes the props and artifacts that they will require to achieve the desired outcome.

Different spell casters administer different methods to obtain desired outcomes. While some believe in using objects like candles, herbs, crystals, incense, and animal parts to administer the process, others use man-made artifacts such as lucky charms, amulets and talismans etc. to do the rituals. However, there are many who use their inner self and instinctive foresight to cast spells and bring the magical results they wish.

Akin to the way every practitioner has their own method to cast spells; they are distinguished from one another on the kind of magic they deal in. Most practitioners believe in bringing the desired change in one’s life, without causing any harm to people around. Such practitioners are believed to use the norms of white magic.

However, there are others who explore the evil side of spells, by taking control over one’s mind, and bringing harm to the people in concern. Such spell casters are believed to use to the tool of black magic to meet their own or the subject’s evil intentions.

What Makes a Spell Work!

There are various factors that contribute to the success or failure of a spell. Or in other words, the results for a spell vary with variations in the following conditions:

  • The Moon Phase: The orientations of moon are one factor that affects the results of a casted spell. Spells dealing with power and magical energies are at their best when they are casted in full moon. However, if one wants to get rid of certain things like a person, object or spirit, then the appropriate time to cast a spell is new moon. On the other hand, if a person is intended to get something, be it money, hair or love, the spells during waxing moon will be at their peak. The phase of warning moon is best suited to cast spells that deal with doing away of destruction of things.
  • The Mental Condition of the Practitioner: Depending upon the type of spell one chooses to cast, the casters need to allow variations in their mood. For instance, in order to cast a love spell, the practitioner should have love on their mind. However, if one casts a hex, they must have hatred in their heart; or else the spell won’t work.
  • The Experience of the Practitioner: In order for a spell to work effectively, it must be casted by someone who has an expertise in the stream. Otherwise it is likely that the spell won’t work or will bring unpredictable outcomes that will be hard to control later on.

Note: This article in no manner implies Meryem psychic provides white witch service.