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How is Meryem able to provide such accurate readings?

Her 25 years’ worth of experience in helping individuals has ultimately enabled her to understand and accurately relay any messages she receives from the spirit world. In addition, Meryem’s spirit guide helps to clarify any information that other spirits are providing to her, adding to the holistic accuracy.

Why is a photograph needed?

A photograph is key for readings which are not carried out face-to-face, but by Skype or by phone. Meryem still requires to ‘tune’ into you and providing a picture before your reading gives her the opportunity to do so and means that you can get the most from your reading.

Will the reading tell me exactly what to do?

Whilst a reading will be both accurate and thorough, spirits will not and cannot make life decisions, and neither will Meryem, only you can decide what course is best for you.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Mediums, unlike psychics, source their information for readings directly from the spirits, meaning that experienced mediums, like Meryem, do not require the individual to be in front of them in order to carry out a reading. This is why Meryem is able to offer readings over the phone or by Skype

What kind of photographs should I upload?

The best picture to provide is one which is similar to a passport photo, as your picture should be one which shows your facial features clearly.

During a reading whose spirit comes to the fore front?

Meryem communicates with a whole host of spirits during a reading, not only her own guardian spirit, but also with spirits, guardians as well as any loved ones in the spirit world, who are around the individual being read.