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03 Jun 2019

Faith Healing: The Power of Faith

Faith healing refers to the miraculous recoveries that happen to those who have faith in God and the higher realms. The practice is same as that of the influence of imagination in the cure of diseases. The concept of Faith Healing is based on the belief that people can be healed, whether physically, mentally or spiritually, with the direct intervention of divine or super natural powers. It’s an age old belief that those who have faith in the power of God and pray on a regular basis are more likely to get healed than people who only depend upon medicines. Even though the efficacy of Faith Healing to cure people hasn’t been scientifically proved, the practice is used worldwide.


The ritualistic practice of Faith Healing has been fascinating mankind for decades. It dates back to thousands of years ago, when therapeutic touch therapies were used in Asklepian temples to heal people. The evidence for faith healing or laying-on of the hands to heal humans is also found in Ebers Papyrus, which documents the religious significance of Faith healing. As the process is related to religious beliefs, people continue to be attracted to it, preferring to try Faith Healing rather than various other techniques for healing disease and disability.

How it works

All a person needs in order to have an effective faith healing is- Have a faith in God and leave the rest on thee. Several methods are used in order to heal a person through faith, which include practices like prayers, divine intervention, visits to a religious shrine, or a simply strong belief in a Supreme Being.

Depending upon the kind of method that a subject chooses to go with, Faith healing is practiced either by the person himself or by some trained practitioner. It’s of two types- Distant faith healing and face-to-face faith healing.

While Face-to face healing is practiced near the patient, distant healing is done at a distance from the patient. When practiced at a distance, the practice may involve an individual or a group of individuals praying for the patient to get well soon. However, when done near, it may involve practitioners, who use therapies like laying-on of hands on the patient while calling on a supreme being. Reports reveal that Christian scientists train their own practitioners to heal people through prayers.

Even though, the results of Faith Healing vary from person to person, the practice is very popular among Christians. There have been claims that faith can cure disabilities like blindness, deafness, defective speech and total body paralysis etc. Believers also claim to have witnessed cases that involved recovery from Cancer, AIDS, developmental disorders, arthritis, skin rashes and various injuries.


Faith Healing is not an alternative to medicine. It can only accelerate the process of healing!