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15 Jul 2019

Energy Healing: Rejuvenate Your Aura

Energy Healing refers to the practice of channeling positive energy and warding off the negative energies around a person. It is believed that the human body is surrounded by a cloud of different sorts of energies, which include the vibes generated from our day to day activities. For instance, our emotions like fear, doubt, anger, judgment and criticism create a negative energy field around our body that may lead to an imbalance in the positive energy surrounding us.

As a consequence of this imbalance, a person could suffer from physical problems depending upon which part of his body is influenced by the negative energy. For instance, if the energy around the lungs is blocked then the person may experience some problem in breathing. And that’s where the practice of energy healing comes useful.

Energy healing is believed to provide fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments. Whether it’s depression, stress, muscle tension, adrenal glands, physical pain, emotional trauma or illness, energy healing has been seen as an effective approach to do away with all these problems. The practice cannot just help people rejuvenate their aura, but it can also restore blocked energy channels and instill liveliness in the human chakra system.


Energy healing is based on the concept of “Life force energy”- the energy that flows through every living thing in the universe. This energy is also known by the name “chi”, “Prana”, “Ki”, “aura” or simply, energy. According to an age old belief, this life force energy can be channeled from higher realms to the lower ones, ensuring a subtle balance between the Man and the universe.

People born with the ability to manipulate energy fields of individuals are known as the Energy Healers or Spiritual Healers. However, the art of energy healing can also be learnt through regular practice, meditation or from an expert who has specialization in improving a person’s energy.

Types of Energy Healing

Veritable Energy Healing: It refers to therapies that rely on the scientifically proven forms of energy, such as Electromagnetism.
Magnet therapy, colorpuncture, light therapy, radiation therapy and magnetic resonance imaging are some of the common types of Veritable energy healing.

Putative Energy Healing: It refers to the therapies that are predicted on theorized forms of energy, the energy that is not confirmed by the scientists.
Biofeld energy healing, Spiritual healing, psychic healing, esoteric healing, and Therapeutic touch are some of the most common types of Putative energy healing.

How it Works

Each one of us is born with some bio-energetic abilities. Though some achieve success in developing these abilities over the course of their life, others do not pay any heed to these abilities and lose them over the course of time. However, if one takes proper training or opens their mind to such abilities, they can achieve perfection in determining and controlling the vital energy in the universe.

Energy healing can be done both in person as well as over a distance from remote locations. Depending upon the abilities of the healer, a particular energy field is selected, and is accessed by the healer in order to begin with the practice. Though there are several methods through which energy of a person can be healed, the basic principle for each of these methods remains the same i.e. to accumulate energy and transmit it to the people seeking help.

During the healing session, the practitioner transfers a significant amount of energy to the subject in a soothing gentle manner. It raises the vibration frequency of the subject to the same level as that of the healer. People report that energy healing is completely a relieving experience that refreshes one’s mind, soul and inner self. It also accelerates the healing ability of the human body, promoting the feeling of transformation and well being.


  • Energy Healing does not conflict with other forms of Recovery such as Allopathic, Homeopathic etc.
  • It doesn’t require any guess work, interpretation or complicated devices; instead it’s an elegant and logical method of healing.
  • It doesn’t have any side effects. On the contrary, a client feels rejuvenated and lively after undergoing an Energy healing session.