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17 Jun 2019

Divination: Know Your Present Past and Future!

Divination is an attempt to gain insight into a person’s present, past and future by way of an occult standardized process. The term collectively describes a variety of methods which are used around the world to foresee or foretell. Even though all these methods serve the same purpose which is to provide solutions to problems at hand, they are seen as different techniques in different cultures and religions.

The practice of divination connects individuals with divine wisdom or a higher mind. A systematic approach is followed to get answers to the questions that may be haunting a person. Whether it is something related to a job, career, love life, relationships, family or life in general, divination is useful in every respect. However, the practice is far more different than what the modern day practice of fortune-telling is.

As its name suggests, Divination is inspired by God. It has a formal or ritual and often social character within a religious context, which provides people with access to information that they aren’t able to perceive through ordinary means.


Divination has been around for decades. The idea of getting an insight into one’s past, present and future is as old as mankind itself. Despite religious persecution and scientific criticism, the tool of Divination has survived through the centuries and is being used by people as a spiritual resource to help them make well informed decisions in their life.

Categories of Divination

According to the American psychologist Julian Jaynes, divination is categorized into the following four types:

  • Omens and Omen texts: An omen is referred to as phenomena that foretell the future, indicating the arrival of a change in the universe. It’s as simple as recording the sequences of unusual events that have occurred in the past, and analyzing the situations under which those events had occurred. Following that on further, predictions are made on the basis of previous records. For instance, Bats in a building are seen as omens of bad luck or an approaching evil. It’s because there are cases in the past that have witnessed the bad luck associated with Bats and with their presence around buildings.
  • Sortilege: Sortilege is a casting of lots, using things like bones, pebbles, sticks, dice, signs or alphabets. The practice is much like that of Rune readings, as an entity is picked out of the lot and interpreted in the light of the question at hand. Sortilege is the most primitive method of divination, and is also known by the name Cleromancy.
  • Augury: The term has its origin in the Rome. It is derived from the word Augur which literally means a priest or official in the classical world. Augurs were used to interpret the will of God by studying the flight of birds. In the past, it was used to locate quantitative things like ground water, buried metals, ores or oil.
  • Spontaneous: This is an unconstrained form of divination, which doesn’t depend upon any particular medium to link the individuals with their intuitiveness and subconscious mind. The answer comes from any object that the diviner sees or hears to. Some religions use their holy books to get answers to the questions that haunt their mind.

The question is asked while riffling the pages of a holy book, and the first paragraph that is laid upon by their eyes is considered as the answer to the question at hand. Other forms of spontaneous divination includes methods like Feng Shui, auras etc.

How Divination works?

Several techniques have been developed for Divination. However, the basic principle of each of these techniques remains the same – Concentrating on the target question and interpreting the signs and symbols that the diviner is encountered with. The major obstacle that beginners face in divination is difficulty in harnessing the subconscious mind. That is because, the human brain remains active all the day because of social influence, and is unable to do away with the clutter of regular life, and focus completely. However, once the subconscious mind is actuated, there are various techniques that can be adopted to foretell the future. Each diviner has a different method that works best for them, and the most important thing is to find out which method helps you have the quickest and accurate results.

Some common methods of Divination

  • Cartomancy
  • Bibliomancy
  • Crystal ball gazing
  • Feng Shui
  • Numerology
  • Tasseomancy
  • Rune casting
  • Taromancy