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29 Oct 2018

Crystal Ball Reading: Tap Your Visions!

Crystal ball readings are one of the most popular and most widely known types of methods with which a person’s future path as well as their past is read. The practice is also known by the name Crystalomancy and Scrying, and is believed to offer practical solutions to people with problems in their personal and professional lives.

The predictions that arise from the Crystal ball reading are actually based on the perceptions formed by psychics, who are people blessed with ESP (Extrasensory Perception) capabilities. The reader will translate what they see from the Crystal ball in a way that makes sense to the person being read. The person being read can then decide how to best act upon the information they have been given.


The art of a Crystal ball reading has its roots in 800-450 BC, during the Iron Age. It’s believed that Celts were the first ones to start using the crystal ball to foretell people’s future paths.

How Does it Work?

The crystal ball reading is normally done in a relatively dark room, where there is nothing to distract the psychic reader. The crystal ball is placed on a dark colored cloth or sheet, and candles are lighted, in order to get an accurate reading in the form of symbols or auditory impressions.

Before the reading is started the person being read is asked to caress the ball with their hand, in order to build a connection with it. The crystal ball is then turned round in the candle light, and pictures are allowed to form on its surface.

The subject is told to make a wish, or ask the question that they have in their mind and want an answer to. The reader then focuses upon the section of the ball that they are most attracted to and using their own energies and foresight provide the information required, in order to answer what the subject has asked.

It is believed that gazing on the crystal ball with full concentration allows the reader to enter an altered state of consciousness that opens the gateway to a person’s present, past and future. How much information a reader will be able to provide will not only depend upon how skilled the psychic is in reading the crystal ball, but also on the energies present. Once the session is complete, the ball is washed with soapy water to remove the finger prints. And, in order to remove the energies that may have been trapped inside the crystal ball, it is smudged with incense or sage, so that it is cleaned on a spiritual level.

Discover Clues To Read On Your Own Future!

You can practice this art at home, as well, thus reading your own future. In order to do so, you should know enough about what the different colors of light represent in the crystal ball.

Here’s some basic information on how to interpret the colors:

If you find the color blue in crystal ball, that means you are about to encounter some good opportunities in career and business.
Similarly, the color gold represents prosperity, steady flow of cash or the arrival of renewed romance.
Color gray indicates ill fortune or some kind of mishap.
Green reflects your aggression and troubled emotions.
Black is believed to indicate that negativity is on the way.
And, red symbolizes upcoming danger.
White is the indictor of good fortune and Lady luck.
Yellow is for obstacles that you’ll need to overcome in the near future.