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12 Nov 2018

Coffee Cup Reading: Know Your Future With Coffee!

Coffee Cup readings are a great way to have your future read. Used in many parts of the world to predict a person’s future path, it’s a branch of divination also known as tasseomancy, tasseography and tassology.

The predictions from the Coffee cup reading are derived from the patterns left in the cup by the coffee grounds. It’s similar to a tea leaves reading in that sense. The person will drink their coffee and in most cases will turn the cup upside down for the patterns to form. Coffee cup readings are quite a popular practice especially amongst certain cultures.

As you drink the coffee you will be sub consciously thinking about what you would like to have answered or you could ask a specific question while sipping the coffee. Once you have finished and turned the coffee cup upside down, the reader will concentrate on the patterns formed by the loose coffee grounds. The reader will look for images and shapes that relate to certain issues in your life, interpreting what they see and what it means for you for both the present and future. Coffee cups are especially interesting because readers are able to show you the shapes they see so that you can satisfy yourself with what they are telling you is accurate.


Coffee Cup readings are a centuries old ritual which is believed to have originated in Asia, where ancient monks were used to predict the future by reading tea leaves patterns in bell-shaped cups. Nowadays, the practice has its roots deep seated in Turkey, as it’s generally only the Turkish variety of coffee which is used for a coffee cup reading.

How Does it Work?

In order to have an effective reading, an old-fashioned porcelain cup is preferred, which is required to be shallow, wide and white in color. The type of coffee that is used is not the ordinary type, but a coarse grounded Turkish coffee, which is unique in its taste, flavor and features. The coffee is prepared for the person being read, and once ready, is advised to drink it at their leisure in a steady manner and from one side of the cup only. It is good practice to think about the issues you want answers to whilst you drink the coffee.

Once the coffee is finished, the cup is covered with a saucer on the top, and is turned counter-clockwise a few times, while the person concerned is asked to make a wish or input his query. Finally the cup is turned upside down and placed on the saucer and allowed to cool. Once cooled, the reader (or psychic) holds the cup in one hand, and sometimes the left or right hand of the subject in other, and starts to interpret the patterns formed by the coffee grounds. It is believed that by holding the subject’s hand, a reader can tune into his/her energies which help the latter in providing a more accurate reading.

What do the Different Patterns/Symbols Signify?

Flowers: Happiness, Popularity

Sun: Good Health

Triangle: Something Unexpected

Spider: Unexpected money

Harp: Traditional romance

Road: Creative opportunities

Candle: Enlightenment

Cat: A deceitful friend, or relative

Apple: Achieving knowledge, fertility