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11 Jan 2019

Clairvoyance – A Clear Vision of Your Future!

Clairvoyance is an extra sensory ability that accesses and deciphers information about distant objects, persons, or events without using normal human senses. It’s a term derived from a French word that actually means “clear vision”.

Clairvoyance readings are related to images that are generated in the mind of the reader which are then translated in order to provide the person being read with information about their present, past and future.


The art of Clairvoyance has been in practice since ancient times. There are anecdotal reports that clairvoyance existed in individuals from most cultures, and this view is supported by scriptures that refer to clairvoyance from Africa, America and India over 1000 years ago.

How does it work?

Clairvoyance is actually based upon the interpretations formed by Clairvoyants who are people blessed with a sixth sense or ESP capabilities. They can generate a clear vision of things related to you, which they do by developing a connection with your mind and energies. In order to make this connection, they make use of the third eye Chakra, an entity located between the eye-brows, in the middle of forehead. This Chakra is commonly known as the third eye.

Through their ability of seeing beyond the five senses, they are able to reveal information about one’s past, present and future. This is often the reason why people seek out Clairvoyants in order to get solution to their problems, and to know what they are going to confront in the near future or in fact whether a decision they are going to make is the right one.

Besides from Clairvoyance being able to give you an idea about the future it can also tell you about your past life, or the state of your spirit before birth and after death, as it has the ability to describe and explain events that took place many years before, sometimes many thousands of years earlier.

The practice is even backed by scientific research and studies. There is a belief that we all are born with an extra sensory ability. However, in order to use this ability there is a need to activate our Chakras, our encoded cellular memory, and balancing our energy, self esteem and emotional state. Once we are able to do this correctly, we will be able to raise our frequency, expand our knowledge and awake our sleeping conscious.

Discover the Clairvoyant in you!

To begin with your journey of actuating your extra sensory abilities, you need to take a brief time out from your daily schedule and meditate to awaken your Kundalini energies. This can help you have premonitions or receive messages about events around your life and things that are going to happen in the near future. Often when you meditate and focus on an area you need an answer to, you come out of meditation knowing the path you need to take. This is generally the first step towards you making use of your own clairvoyance.

As additional resources, you may wish to research the following terms, as these will be useful to help you understand your gut feelings and dreams in a better way:

Precognition: It’s a practice, under which you are guided by your intuitive power and internal energies about the events that are about to happen with you or your near ones, in the near future. It’s a sort of inner voice that you receive from your higher self, either in the form of a dream or intuition.

Telepathy: Through this art, you are able to read one’s mind, and determine what the other person thinks, does, and is about to do in the next moment. It’s a scientifically proven method, and is useful to gain knowledge about one’s past, present and future.

Out of body experience: It’s an esoteric technique that enables a person to travel spiritually to far off places, leaving his/her physical body at one place. The practice is performed unconsciously, but once you get an expertise in it, you would be able to see any happening around the world, irrespective of the time at which it took place.

Chakra Energy: In the human brain, there is an organ called the pineal gland. It’s where the answers to all human mysteries lie. This gland is in its active state when a person is born. But with time, as he/she gets accustomed to social norms, its use is refrained. However, people can trigger its use, depending upon their meditating stamina, giving them the ability to develop their psychic abilities.