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22 Apr 2019

Aura Reading: What’s Your Aura?

Aura readings are a spiritual practice that involves reading the aura of oneself, an interested subject, or even a pet or plant. An aura refers to a subtle luminous energy surrounding an object, which can be seen by using certain special techniques. The aura around a human being is believed to consist of seven different layers, which are a combination of the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ components of our energy. Spiritual beings have been believed to have a bright yellow aura for centuries, as is depicted in most portraits and sculptures of religious deities and leaders. Aura readings have been associated with several benefits, including determining personality traits and identifying physical ailments before they manifest into symptoms.


The history of auras and their readings date back to centuries ago. Spiritual readers like Buddha and Christ were painted with yellow haloes, and many artists claimed that they could actually see these haloes around them. Similar golden haloes can be seem in prehistoric cave paintings, painted thousands of year ago, in the West Kimberleys in Australia. Auras were associated with glory in Iran, as is evident from its depiction around the Zoroastrian kings. Charles Leadbeater was the first person to provide a detailed description of the meaning of different colors of the aura, in the 19th century.

How it Works

There are various techniques that are employed for reading auras. Experienced aura readers can read auras of their subjects similarly by sitting in front of them in natural light or in a dimly-lit room with candle light. It is important for the practitioner to fill his own aura before reading the aura of the subject. This is usually done with the help of deep meditative techniques that purify the aura, ensuring that it does not interfere with the subject’s aura. The subject is then seated against a plain white wall, and is advised to wear clothes that aren’t too brightly colored or heavily patterned. If one desire’s is to read their own aura, they can do so by observing their hand against a white paper/ cardboard. The reader then notes down all that can be seen in the aura, specifying details like the intensity of colors, any presence of dents, holes, blocks of colors, etc. With the help of an aura guide, you can decipher the meaning of an aura in around an hour. Experienced aura readers can understand auras much faster, without the help of any guides.

Benefits of aura reading

• An aura reading helps you to identify the energy that you are living with, and in knowing how different it is from your real self.

• Aura readings are often used to detect physiological and psychological disorders, even before their symptoms appear. Experienced aura readers can also identify the causes of the disease, helping you to cure them before they progress.

• Aura readings can also help to find out how enlightened a self-proclaimed guru or teacher is. If you read a weak and dull aura around such a person, you are best without them.

• Aura readings can be used to determine the relationship compatibility between any two individuals.

• With the help of an aura reading, you can find out the true intentions of the people you deal with, saving yourself from deception.