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06 May 2019

Angel Card Readings: Build Relation with Your Angel Guides

An Angel Card reading is a modern technique of divination that helps people make well informed decisions in their life and to help them alter their course accordingly. It’s believed that readings through Angel Cards allow a person to receive messages from the angels, which can be implemented in life, in order to have a better living.

People with problems in with their career, heath, love life or any other matter, can take guidance through this practice, to heal and harmonize every aspect of their life.

The readings through Angel cards are based on the interpretations that are made, by tapping into one’s intuitive power and instinctive foresight. There is a prediction on every card, which guides people towards a path. However, it’s up to the subject, or the card reader, to interpret the card in light of the question that has been asked by the person being read and find solution to the issue they’re facing.

Every individual is believed to be guarded by an angel or archangel. However, there is a need to establish a spiritual connection with those higher realms, which you can very effectively do, by using Angel cards. An angel card reading can help you better understand the light and energy around you.


Since ancient times, Angels are regarded as unseen teachers and protectors, who bestow people with the power to survive every crisis they’re faced with. Thus, considering the old conception and belief, people used to receive divine guidance from these creators of the universe, using tools such as the angel cards and oracle cards.

The practice of Angel card readings is as old as the Tarot cards reading; however the latter was branched off into its own particular brand of divination around 200 years ago.

How it Works

Every individual is believed to be capable of understanding the message of their angels, and implementing that in their lives. However, the powers to do so remain latent in most of us, and the Angel card readings help us to activate those powers within us, thereby allowing is to read our own future.

Angel card readings begin with a spread, which refers to how many cards are displayed before the subject. There are innumerable variations on this theme, with no right or wrong way to do so. You can make your own spread or layout and can find out whether it works for you.

However, the simplest spread to start with is with three cards in a line. The cards can be placed in any manner, irrespective of their position or geometrical representation. These three cards represent a person’s past, present and future.

From there on, starts the process of divination, as you have to decide how these cards relate to your critical life situations. Each card can perhaps represent a question, answer or a part answer.

A similar layout can be done using six cards as well. In this arrangement, first three cards will be placed in a manner as done previously, and another three cards will be laid just next to each of the former three.

This way, the reading can be expanded on its meaning and sense, as the secondary card would provide further information and guidance on the reading of the card that it relates to.

Points That May Help You Get an Accurate Reading

If you’re trying out the process for the first time, or with a new pack, familiarize yourself with the pictures and phrases on each card; as it may help you understand the angelic powers in a better way.

Meditating whilst reading may also prove useful in establishing a connection between you and the higher realms.

For better concentration, you may also use candles, as these are believed to bring light or higher realms around you.

After you are done with your reading, don’t forget to say “thank you” to your angels.