About Meryem

A talented psychic medium who is known for her ability to guide as many people as she can through the gift she has been given.

Since birth Meryem has nurtured a remarkable gift and has used her abilities to help others improve their lives. Around the age of 5 she would often be found talking to what she believed was an imaginary friend – a little boy dressed in army uniform – who would visit her every time she was feeling upset. As time went on, Meryem began to pick up on future events, or what people were thinking or worrying about, and it wasn’t long before her family knew what Meryem had was something special.

Blessed at birth with an extraordinary gift that has been continuously developed over the last 25 years.

Today she is guided by her guardian spirit and is a well-known, trusted figure who helps people from all walks of life. She has, for nearly three decades, given people support in overcoming obstacles so that they can move forward in their life.

As a psychic clairvoyant medium, her readings involve a combination of visualising future events, as well as communicating with spirits and auras. Despite her reputation as one of the best psychic mediums in the world Meryem is, and always will be, a modest professional, caring and despite her spiritual ability – very down to earth.

Meryem has been gifted with a varied ability and is able to offer a full range of psychic abilities. This includes the ability to see what is unseen (clairvoyant), hear messages (clairaudient), feel what is unfelt (clairsentient) as well as channel messages from the spirit world (channeller) – naturally her readings are very detailed and accurate.