These are some of the most frequently asked questions people have in relation to the psychic readings provided by Meryem. Please read through them in case they answer any questions you may have. If you have any other questions about her readings, please use the contact form to ask Meryem specifically.

Psychic Readings: Frequently Asked Questions

How is Meryem able to provide such accurate readings?
Meryem has over 25 years’ experience in communicating with the spirit world and over this time she has completed thousands of readings on every aspect of a person’s life. This experience gives her a complete and accurate understanding of the messages that the Spirit World are passing to her enabling her to accurately relay this information back to the client. Meryem is also able to use her own spirit guide to clarify or further explore any information that others spirits provide her.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Psychics generally need the person being read to be in front of them to give a reading. Mediums obtain messages from the Spirit World. This means that established and experienced mediums, such as Meryem, do not require the person being read to be near them. Mediums are known to be able to provide readings that are much more detailed and accurate because of this communication with the Spirit World.

When doing a reading whose spirit comes to the fore?
In addition to her own guardian spirit, Meryem is able to communicate with spirits and guardians of the person being read as well as their loved ones in the spirit world that are around them or protecting them.

Will the reading tell me exactly what to do?
No. Although the reading will give you in-depth and accurate information about things you wish to know, Spirits will not make life decisions on your behalf and neither will Meryem. You must decide, having received that information, on what the best course of action is for you.

Why do I have to upload a photograph?
Where Meryem is unable to see you face to face she needs to use more energy to 'tune' into you. A photograph not only means that she is able to conserve her spiritual energy but it also gives her the opportunity to 'tune' into you before the reading starts, ensuring you get the most from your reading.

What type of photograph should I upload?
Your photograph should be one that clearly shows your facial features. A photograph similar to a passport photograph would be most ideal, but the most important aspect is that Meryem should be able to see your face clearly. Photographs of you wearing a hat and sunglasses away in the distance will be not be of any use!

How is Meryem able to give a reading over the telephone or Internet?
Meryem is a medium and her readings are completed with the help of those in the Spirit World. This means that she does not need to have her clients sitting in front of her. The fact that she has been communicating with the Spirit World for over 25 years ensures that her distance readings are just as accurate and in depth as her face to face readings - regardless of how far her client may be from her.

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