Meryem offers two types of readings with two different prices giving you the ability to choose a psychic reading service that matches your needs. Details of the two types of reading appear below. Simply think about what you would like to know and choose the appropriate reading type.

Psychic Reading Prices

Meryem offers two types of readings: Full Readings and Single Readings:

Full Readings
Full readings are for those clients who want a complete and in-depth review of every aspect of their life. A full reading will not only let you explore areas that are of primary concern but it will also give you an insight into areas of your life that are important but which you have probably not even considered.

Meryem strongly recommends that all new clients have a full reading, along with those existing clients who have not had a reading for some time. Meryem will also offer you the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the reading. Full readings last up to 50 minutes.

Full readings cost £50 for face to face readings and £50 for Skype/telephone readings.

Single Readings
Single readings are generally for those clients who Meryem reads on a regular basis and who therefore do not need a complete insight each and every time. These clients include those who have readings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

With a single reading Meryem will tend to focus on the key issues that the client is interested in pursuing.

If you are a new client and are only interested in pursuing a certain line or lines of enquiry, then a single reading may be sufficient for your needs. But please bear in mind that it will not be as far reaching as a full reading would be.

Single readings cost £50 for face to face readings and £50 for Skype/telephone readings.

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