Blessed at birth with an extraordinary gift that has been continuously developed over the last 25 years, Meryem remains true to the goal she set herself when she first set out on her path – to help guide as many people as she can through the gift that she has been given.

Psychic Child

Born in a small village in Cyprus and having spent much of her childhood seeing people suffer and grieve because of an on going brutal war, Meryem quickly learnt two very valuable lessons that are still with her today – that everyone should make the most of their life whilst they are alive and, that people should always endeavour to help out others who were less fortunate than themselves.

Most of her childhood was spent either in shelters evading bombs or working on the family farm. Whenever she got the opportunity to, Meryem would find shade under a large tree and sit there alone. And it was here that her mother first recalls seeing her, around the age of 5, talking to what she believed was an imaginary friend – someone she had created to help her rid her soul of the suffering and despair she was experiencing.

Meryem herself recalls talking to a little boy, dressed in an army uniform, who had died in the war – someone no one else ever saw. And she says this little boy would come to her anytime she was feeling upset, lonely or in need of help.

Meryem spent much of her childhood talking and listening to this boy whenever she was not working on the farm. By the age of twelve, Meryem began writing words in a language that she knew nothing about and drawing things or symbols she had never experienced. When questioned about it by her family, she always denied knowing what was happening – saying her friend had told her to draw it.

Over this time she also began to pick up future events as well as what people were thinking or worrying about. At first her family used to put it down to her being extremely clever or instinctive, but they soon began to realise that what Meryem had was very special.

And it was from that moment of realisation and knowing that she did have something special, Meryem began to develop her gift and to find out more and more about the boy who was growing up with her and the messages that he was bringing her from the spirit world.

Through the gift that she had been given, and the traumatic experiences she had suffered from, Meryem realised that she was one of those people who had ‘been given’ the power to help others improve their lives and this was the path that she would follow.

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