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Palmistry: The Science Of Hands!

Palmistry, also known as Chirology, is a branch of occult science, which deals with the comprehensive study of palm imprints. It’s an art of foretelling the future of a person, and determining his/her personality and compatibility.

It’s a popular practice among various cultures all over the world, and has been tested by millions. The study in Palmistry involves the analysis of a palm’s lines, and the external features of a hand. It’s believed that every individual on earth has a different set of features, shape and constitution, and so do the lines and patterns on their hands. Thus, palmistry can help determine a person’s individuality, flexibility and potential. 


The fascinating study of Palmistry borrows its stones from the ancient civilizations of all lands. It’s believed to have originated over 3000 years ago in major parts of China and India. The evidence for this can be found in the Indian and Chinese scriptures.

How Does It Work?

The foremost thing that a palmist does, in order to get an idea about future events in your life, is the identification of your dominant and non-dominant hand. A dominant hand is the one that a person uses to write with, while the other is the non-dominant; it can also be called a subconscious hand.

The dominant hand is considered a blueprint of your present life, your aspirations, ambitions, and achievements. On the other hand, the non-dominant hand is believed to be the reflection of your past and hidden talents. Every line on your palm has a significance and meaning of its own. By examining these lines and your hand’s texture, a palmist can establish a link between your present and past. Following on from this, he/she will be able to use the lines on your palm to help guide your future path. 

Palmistry has its roots seated in Greek Mythology, where each section of your hand and fingers were thought to relate to a God and Goddess; and depending upon the depiction of that section, the nature of a specified subject is determined. For example, a ring finger is believed to represent the Greek god Apollo, and it symbolizes a person’s interest in art, music and harmony.

Discover The Clues To Someone’s Personality From Their Hands

Here are some basic palmistry principles for your knowledge, which you can use to learn a little more about yourself and the people around you.

In Palmistry, a human hand is classified into six shapes, depending on which, the character, personality and nature of a person is determined.

  1. Square Hand: People with a square palm, square wrist, square nails, and square thumb are believed to be very practical and logical in life. They can be trusted blindly. They like to live their life in a disciplined manner, and do not like interference from anyone.  
  2. Philosophic Hand: A person who has long, narrow and delicate hands with slender fingers and oval shaped nails is considered to be very intelligent, emotional and secretive with no interest in worldly comforts. He/she can also be an egoistic by nature.
  3. Spatulate Hand: People with their hands flattened like spatulas and a long thumb base are believed to be highly dedicated, restless and specific about their ideologies. They like to work for long hours and possess good navigational skills.
  4. Artistic or Conic Hands: People with such hands, have a broad palm, smooth fingers, conical-shaped nails, and broad and large thumb. They are believed to be extremely emotional, creative and impulsive. They do not like to work for long hours and are not materialistically inclined.
  5. Psychic Hands: People with a medium sized palm, small and elegant thumb, and phalanges with nails that are long and tempering and are believed to be visionary, confused and undisciplined. They also have a lack of enthusiasm.
  6. Elementary Hands: A person, who has crude and clumsy hands, with short fingers, short nails and heavy palm, is believed to be aggressive, and lacks aspiration and enthusiasm. Such people simply live to eat, drink and sleep.

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