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Geomancy: Live In Harmony With Nature

Geomancy is a method of divination which has developed from being a way of detecting energy beneath the surface of earth, to a method of bringing about harmony and balance into one’s life by altering the placement and orientation of objects both inside and outside of one’s home and workplace. The term is derived from the Greek word “Geomanteia” which literally means “Foresight by Earth”. Predictions in Geomancy are made by interpretating markings on the ground or patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rock or sand. Various tools are used to access the hidden knowledge that one is seeking, by tuning in to the energies of earth. The most well known and popular practices of Vastu, Feng Shui and Dowsing are also considered as forms of Geomancy, or simply types of geomantic art.

History of Geomancy

Geomancy is believed to have been introduced in the 11th century in Western Europe, when Arabic texts were translated and interpreted. It is believed that Muslims helped spread the practice throughout different parts of the world.  Geomancy is believed to have formed its roots in the 14th century, when the method of making marks on earth using a stick became popular and people used to interpret these marks in combination with a wheel of horoscopes depicting twelve houses. In the 17th century the practice saw a revival and was incorporated with Chinese astrology and Feng Shui.

How Geomancy Works

The art of Geomancy is similar to that of casting of lots. Various patterns are marked in some sand, and from these patterns a particular set is selected which is interpreted in order to get answers to one’s questions. Recently, the practice has seen a new interest through the works of a number of practitioners. They suggest drawing dots on a piece of paper or parchment instead of sand or soil. As per Arabic tradition, these dots should be drawn from right to left, the direction in which Arabic is written. From these points or patterns, the practitioner draws a series of figures which are arranged into a geomantic tableau. There are 16 possible figures that can be drawn from the marked points. Each figure is given a name in context to their association with planets, stars and other celestial bodies. Geomancers are required to interpret these figures using basic calculus methods and to provide answers to one’s question. 

Uses of Geomancy

1. Geomancy is used to balance the subtle earth energies. Techniques like dowsing and Earth acupuncture are used to deal with the geopathic stress and to check for problems like electromagnetic or microwave pollution.

2. One can also use the tool of Geomancy to know what’s wrong with the energies surrounding them. Geomancy is used to identify negative energies surrounding a person and suggests how to correct them.

3. Geomancers can help you find the power centre in your house or workplace, which can make you enhance your connection with spirits and the higher realms.

4. Geomancy can help you detect sick building syndromes around your building and psycho-spiritual disturbances such as ghosts and paranormal beings.

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