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Dowsing: Yet Another Way To Detect Energy!

Dowsing is a method of divination which has developed from being a way of detecting hidden resources beneath the surface of the earth, like minerals, gold and water to a way of communicating with supernatural forces. Dowsing provides answers that are of relevance to our lives. Dowsers nowadays use a wide variety of instruments, including different types of pendulums, Y-shaped rods, L-shaped rods, and other to help provide people with answers to any questions they may have in their mind. The art of dowsing is believed to have come from the establishment of a communication with a supreme force, which strengthens one’s psychic abilities. It is also known by other names, like doodlebugging, divining and water witching.

History of Dowsing

The origins of dowsing date back to the 15th century, where it was employed by Germans to locate precious metals. A document named ‘De Re Metallica’, written by Georgius Agricola in 1556, described the process of dowsing in detail as a major step in the treatment of the ore. It was also used as a method to locate criminals in 17th century France. Other uses included the employment of dowsing to locate weapons and tunnels during the Vietnam War in 1960, and in 1986 the Norwegian army used dowsing to locate 31 soldiers who were buried in an avalanche.

How Dowsing Works

The most common use of dowsing in the modern day is to get answers to one’s questions.  The answers are mostly limited to ‘yes’ or ‘no’, although with practice, the art of Dowsing can be extended to provide more detailed answers. One can either consult a professional dowser, who is usually more attuned to the supernatural forces, giving stronger responses; or, one can buy dowsing tools themselves, and practice the technique on their own. The most common tool used for dowsing is a pendulum, which sways in either direction, indicating what the answer to the asked question is.

Before beginning the process, the dowser determines which direction means what, and can even write it down on a chart, with ‘no’ mentioned on one side, and ‘yes’ on the other. The person is then required to ask his question, and the dowsing tool instantly moves towards one direction, thereby giving the answer. Even though some argue that the tool used is merely a medium between the dowser and the supernatural forces, and is not of any special significance, others believe that certain tools, like crystal pendulums, or willow branches, are more accurate for the purpose.

Benefits of Dowsing

  • Dowsing can be used to detect nutritional deficiencies.
  • It can also point at hormonal and chemical imbalances, helping to detect both psychological as well as physiological abnormalities.
  • Dowsing helps in finding the root cause of any disturbance that the patient might be experiencing. For instance, it can indicate an imbalance in the aura of a particular region of the body. Energy healing using dowsing can then be used to cure the problem.
  • It is a very useful tool in helping us to make the right decisions in our life, especially for decisions that are likely to impact the entire course of our future.
  • In an interesting and increasingly popular use of dowsing, the process is being used to select lottery tickets that are most likely to bring a win.
  • Dowsing is a great tool for situations where we are stuck at a crossroads, and aren’t sure about which direction to follow.

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