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Ceraunoscopy: Divination By Thunderbolts And Lightning

Ceraunoscopy is a branch of Aeromancy that deals with atmospheric conditions. The practitioners of Ceraunoscopy record the sounds of thunder and lightning at a particular time to foresee future events or to make a variety of interpretations in context to a particular question. The concept of Ceraunoscopy is based on the belief that God shows his anger and joy by way of thunder, lightning and various other atmospheric conditions, thereby providing a way to humankind to establish a direct communication with supernatural beings.

History of Ceraunoscopy

Ceraunoscopy is believed to have its roots deep seated in the Viking age, where it was believed that there is a different God for every atmospheric condition. For instance Thor is considered to be the god of thunder while Zeus is believed to have control on lightning. Similarly, different names were given to God in different cultures, where every natural phenomenon is believed to be associated with a particular form of God. In the middle ages, Europeans believed that thunder and lightning indicated some approaching catastrophe that could be anything like flood, war, earthquake or any other natural calamity. Others considered it as an omen of the death of an important person residing within a 20 miles radius of the occurrence of the thunderbolt.

Ceraunoscopy in Rome

In ancient Rome, Ceraunoscopy was categorized into the following two types:

  • Ceraunomancy:  It refers to divination by interpreting lightening patterns.
  • Brontoscopy: It refers to divination by recording thunderbolt sounds. 

Ceraunoscopy Beliefs

  • Ancient Roman augers believed that lightning bolts from the east indicate good signs.
  • Lightning bolts from the West were considered to indicate an approaching evil.
  • Lightning bolts from the North were believed to represent the worst situation.
  • Lightning bolts from the Northwest were believed to be indicating very bad news. 
  • Thunder bolts from the left were thought to represent a lucky omen or a happy ending.
  • Thunder bolts from the right were believed to indicate bad luck.
  • Thunder  bolts on Sunday were considered to be indicating death of an important person.
  • Thunder bolts on Monday indicated the death of a woman.
  • Thunderbolts on Thursday and Tuesday were supposed to indicate good cattle and grains.
  • Thunder bolts on Saturday indicated natural calamity.
  • Thunder bolts on Friday represented the murder of a great man.
  • Thunder bolts on Wednesday indicated the death of a beggar or prostitute.

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