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Bibliomancy: Divination by Books!

Bibliomancy is a religious practice that involves the use of holy books (preferably a Bible) to predict one’s future or ascertain superstitious purposes. Initially the method was used to discover the virtue of a person i.e. to discover whether a person was associated with Sorcery or not. The suspect was weighed against the great Bible and if he or she weighed less than the Bible they were considered to be innocent and isolated from the spirit world.

However, later the term was expanded on its meaning and application, and was made a bit more specific. Bibliomancy, today, is referred to as divination by interpretating a passage chosen at random from a book, not necessarily the Bible. Depending upon the culture, religion and region, a holy book is employed, which could be of any religious significance. The accuracy of predictions in Bibliomancy is laid on the belief that sacred books contain the truth that manifests God’s will. The practice is chiefly associated with tapping one’s own intuitiveness, as it’s merely through a word, phrase or verses of a book, one has to settle on to the answer to a particular question.


Believers in God have, since always, searched out methods to determine what is going to happen in the days to come; and Bibliomancy is one of those practices that were discovered ages ago. Even though the divination by verses of the Bible was first recorded in 1753, the history of employing sacred books to remove negative entities and to anticipate the outcome of a situation dates back to centuries ago. The Ancient Greeks often used Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey for guidance. St. Francis of Assisi had many a times opened the book of the Gospels in the St. Nicholas church, to take guidance. St. Augustine converted to Catholicism after he read a random passage in a volume of the Apostle asking him to put his faith in Lord Jesus.

How it is Done

Various methods have been employed so far to administer divination through books. Even though all these methods vary in their selection and Interpretation techniques, the basic principle of each of these remains the same i.e. to randomly pick a passage from any of the sacred books, and find an answer to your question.

The major trouble that most of the people face when starting with Bibliomancy is a difficulty in deciding on the book. Experienced readers suggest picking a sacred book, as those are believed to be holding truth in their contents.

Once a book is selected, it is balanced on its spine and allowed to fall open. In the meantime, the practitioner is advised to ask his question. It is important for the practitioner to close their eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask for divine guidance while concentrating on the question.

Though there is no right or wrong way to select a page from the book, different cultures employ different techniques to do the same. While some practitioners use dice or another randomizer to choose the page to be opened, others run their fingers along the pages and let their intuitive power guide them to the accurate page.

Similar techniques are used to select a word, paragraph or verses from either of the pages selected. The practitioner keeps on running their fingers on the selected page until they feel a subtle change in his sense of touch, signaling them to pick that particular word, sentence or paragraph which is the key to unlocking the answer to their question.


  • Avoid using a book that you have read or studied a lot, as there may be chances that the book will fall open to only those sections that you have read frequently.
  • It would be ideal to sit at a sacred place while you practice bibliomancy.
  • Take time to ground yourself and connect to the higher realms, once you have selected a book and asked your question.

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