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Astral Projection: Out of Body Experience

Astral projection refers to an ‘Out of Body Experience’ (OBE), in which an individual assumes a separate existence from his/her physical form, by projecting into the astral plane. The term collectively describes a variety of experiences, most commonly the ‘near-death experience’, which has been reportedly experienced by more than 8 million Americans. Vivid encounters with living or dead individuals, while dreaming, are also considered to be an astral projection. Different techniques are used to experience an astral projection. While some people do it of curiosity, for others, it is part of a spiritual process.


The exact origin of astral projection remains unknown, with different theories given for its history. According to written records, the practice dates back to centuries ago, when the Hindu concepts of karma and reincarnation were laid down. Astral projection is believed to have its origins in India, even though there is no proof of these claims. Other historians claim that it originated in ancient Egypt, or in the lost city of Atlantis. It became extremely popular in the 1960s and 70s, with the number of people who had experienced an astral projection rising from 8 percent to 50 percent of survey respondents.

How it Works

Several techniques have been developed for astral projection. However, the basic principle of each of these techniques remains the same - relaxing the body, and separating the physical form completely from the spiritual state. The major obstacle that beginners face is of difficulty in relaxing the body completely. This is because they are usually too conscious about the process, and are unable to relax and let go. Once the body is completely relaxed, there are various techniques that are adopted to enter into the astral plane. Each individual has a different method that works best for them, and the most important thing is to find out which method helps you to have the quickest and longest projection. One of the most common and most effective astral projection techniques is the use of binaural beats. These beats are a form of music that can easily be downloaded. Once you have a binaural beat recording, you simply need to plug it in using a pair of headphones, relax completely, and then let the music have its effect over your brain waves. This will take you into a deep meditative state, and as you shift your concentration towards the ceiling of the room, you will be able to rise above, and watch your body lying down below. You can then do whatever you wish to achieve from the astral projection, and return to your physical form whenever desired.

Tips for Astral Projection

As a beginner, you might find it difficult to attain an astral projection. The following tips might help you in achieving your goal and having this paranormal experience:

• Understand the process deeply before beginning. Do not do it merely out of curiosity or for experimentation. Do it because you want to do it.

• Wear loose and comfortable clothes. This will make the process easier.

• Do not be over-analytical, waiting impatiently for “it” to happen. Just let go, relax, and be a silent, non-judgmental observer.

• Imagine yourself being surrounded with white light. This will offer you the protection that you need for the process.

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